Diesel Exhaust Fluid Now Available (DEF) If you haven't heard of DEF there's a good chance you will soon. DEF is a solution of urea and de-ionized water that when injected into the diesel exhaust stream it eleminates 90% of exhaust pollutants by converting them to nitrogen and water. Current emission standards require all new diesel vehicles to comply with these stricter emission standards. Tri-Con can supply you with all your DEF needs. Please contact for pricing and packaging.


Tri-Con has been proudly selling petroleum and lubricant products throughout the southeast Texas area since 1978.  Convenience store operations and petroleum and lubricant distribution are the company’s primary revenue sources.  With it’s headquarters located in Beaumont Texas, the company specializes in providing competitive, reliable, and dependable fuel and lubricant supply to all of it’s customers.  In addition to being a premier fuel distributor and convenience store operator, Tri-Con is a proud supplier of Chevron, Shell, Exxon, and Mobil branded fuels and TOTAL lubricants.

  • Many convenient locations throughout the Southeast Texas area
  • Quality Fuels from Exxon, Mobil, Chevron & Shell
  • Fast friendly & reliable service
  • Branded fuels programs offer a wide variety of services allowing dealers to benefit from superior experience in retail fuels.
  • Support services include training, environment, security, POS/VSAT and regualatory
  • Quality TOTAL Lubricants supplied to a wide variety of customers including industrial, energy generation, transportation & manufacturing.
  • Full service distribution includes analysis, training & repackaging.


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